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Individual Substance Counseling
I emphasize a therapeutic focus on self-discovery and empowerment through evidence-based, client-centered modalities as well as ​leading edge approaches that build internal motivation and desire for change. EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) can be an important part of treatment when working with cravings, urges or trauma as it relates to substance use problems and chronic relapse. Help is available for those wishing  to overcome use of alcohol, illicit drugs,  prescription medication, cigarettes and more.
Sage Healing Arts Services
Recovery Checkup
Been in recovery a while but notice you're not as invested as you used to be? Come in for a Recovery Checkup and be inspired again. 
Clinical Supervision
I am proud to provide private, independent clinical supervision at  for certified alcohol and drug counselor interns (CADC-Interns).  Prospective interns may submit resume,  three written professional references, a professional writing sample, and academic reports for consideration. 
Substance-Affected Couples
I utilize The Gottman Method when working with couples whose relationship suffers because of substance use. The Gottman relationship enrichment workshop "Seven Principles for Making Relationships Work" is offered several times each year for couples who want to restore or enhance their  relationship. This program may be taken in the group setting or privately.
I provide leading edge substance tratment using innovoative neuroscience technology. Cranial Electro Stimulation is shown to reduce cravings that can overwhelm clients in withdrawal and early recovery. CES is administered via small ear clips and is painless. Most people report a feeling of calm, relaxed well being after 20 minutes of treatment. 
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