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Introducing our New Blog Page!

by JJ Lee on 01/29/17

I hope you are as excited as I am about this new blog dedicated to total well being. With this monthly column, I will address aspects of the mind-body connection as they relate to total well being—health and fitness of your body and your soul.  From time to time, I’ll fill you in on the current thinking of allopathic models, traditional methods or trends that are turning tried and true, but often I will use this blog as an opportunity to explore some complementary or alternative modalities and lifestyle tools to help you with prevention of conditions which interfere with having a full, healthy and satisfying life. I will explore  mental health and addiction themes as well.


Often when we think of health and fitness, we focus on fixing parts that are broken, like we would a machine or a car.  And while that is probably an appropriate immediate approach to broken legs and clogged heart valves, there can be additional aspects to consider when creating total well being.  It’s some of these additional aspects that I’ll write about in future articles.


Henceforth, our column will appear monthly.  I say “our” column because I hope that you will contribute to it by joining the feedback loop: you can ask questions via the Comments button and I will do my best to answer as many as I can or point you in a helpful direction. You can also suggest a topic for a future article.  Remember, however, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, so nothing I suggest or opine should ever be taken as medical advise; always consult your primary care physician with concerns about your specific health situation.


With all that being said and easily one third of my word count being used up, I’d like to initiate our column with a quick pitch for prevention: prevention of disease.  Dr. Susan Love, author of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book and Dr. Susan Love’s Hormone Book, suggests that while several preventive treatments do exist, the single best thing anyone can do to thwart many different types of cancer, for example, is to make some important lifestyle changes. Yes, you can go the medical model, but Dr. Love, leading gynecological cancer expert and spokesperson, suggests that the first line of prevention is practical prevention: taking steps to change your own personal habits to make yourself health prone instead of disease prone. 


So what is practical prevention?  Mostly, it’s simple, everyday things you can do and you probably know about many of them already:  Stop smoking.  Cut down on fatty foods.  Get more exercise.  Is there anyone left out there who doesn’t know these things?  Yet in our speed-dial world, we look for anything that promises results without taking time from our day, and, let’s face it, swallowing a pill takes a few pain-free seconds versus 60 sweaty minutes of aerobics.  Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical solutions come with side effects—not all of them pleasant or positive.  The side effects of exercise, on the other hand, are an enhanced sense of well being, a lowered incidence of depression, decreased stress, and increased mental clarity (that, in addition to the direct effects of reduction in cardiovascular disease and its symptoms, improved strength, and enhanced appearance, to name just a few.)  I will be writing much more about practical prevention in the future, you can be sure, so watch for my articles on nutrition, exercise, yoga and other mind-body modalities, and more.


Until next month, I wish you abundance and blessings, that you might share those gifts generously with others.

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