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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Sage Healing Arts can help.
​People struggling with alcohol, drugs, or codependency issues need a compassionate treatment approach utilizing the best our field offers. Substance use has genetic, environmental, neurological and emotional components; treatment should address all of these areas. Evidence shows that the counselor's relationship with clients is considerably more important than tools, methods, models and theories. We offer a combination of skillful assessment, collaborative treatment planning, and empathic individual and family counseling. With alternative therapies to manage the stress that underlies substance use, we will help you skillfully navigate recovery. 

Regardless of previous struggles, we all deserve respect, dignity, and support that leads to self-empowerment. Sage Healing Arts will help to restore the "you" that has been torn down by substance use and help you to create success. We can give you another chance to acquire the tools and develop the skills necessary to live a whole and happy life.

Sage Healing Arts  works with anyone touched by substance use, including family members and friends.  If you wonder if you have a problem, if you are preparing to make a change, or if you just want to deepen your recovery, give us a call. 

Addiction isn't your fault. It's your obstacle.

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